'The book opened and she settled into her armchair. Within seconds, she was back where she belonged - cresting the mountain above Belthar’s lair. Imagining the possibilities…'

Miss Tycal’s Magical Emporium n. unique, travelling centre of inspiration in writing; purveyor of fantastical ideas; place of discovery and enjoyment; evoker of curiosity; portal to astonishing array of unusual worlds.

Yes we agree; our emporium is rather special. It is a place where young imaginations unfold and start to explore the possibilities; a place where thought-provoking activities engage and lead to better understanding; a place where fantasmagorical wordery is generated and used to create something quite remarkable. A place where the unimaginable become imaginable and you start to believe.

What’s more, our time travelling portal means that our Magical Emporium can come to you, wherever you may be.

So, unfetter your mind and imagine…

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Latest happenings

Escapee on the Run!

With an historic, medieval backdrop, the setting for this Harry Potter party could not have been more perfect. From the minute the guests arrived at the hall, they were thrown into life

Mischief Managed!

Wands: check. Spell books: check. Broomsticks: check. All set for Hogwarts then…   The scene was set for a school day like no other. As a huge Harry Potter fan, Stan had

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…

The Jedi Order was in crisis. There were very few Jedi left and of those remaining, two had gone into hiding. More were needed. Step forward, Oscar and his fellow padawans… As

Zac’s Party: a knightly quest for the most daring…

In the Banqueting Hall of the castle, his lordship and his guests gathered to discuss their tricky situation: Sir Stropalot (the tantrumming one) had stolen King Ethelrod’s precious dragon eggs and, once

Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of rum, Let’s have lots of pirate fun!

The request: to become a pirate for the day. Delivered: in abundance by the Magical Emporium!   To grant this wish, I sent my trusted first mate, Cutlass Catherine. Shortly after the

Elfkins and Spritelets

There’s movement in the magical woods. A whispering of words. A tinkling of bells. The elfkins and spritelets are gathering – perhaps to share tales; perhaps to make mischief… Now all they
There was no mistaking it; there was definitely a scuffling sound and it appeared to be coming from the pile of logs.

About Miss Tycal


Our magical, travelling emporium simply would not function without our very own Miss Tycal. Renowned for her enthusiastic approach to inspiring children to write, before becoming a professional story-teller, Miss Tycal spent nineteen years, working as a children’s purveyor of knowledge and ideas. Other highlights in her illustrious career include dragon taming in the Evergrisio Mountains, stealth training of elven warriors, and receiving the Nobella Prize for her careful cultivation of Murtwystle (the primary ingredient in Draught of Phantasia).

Nowadays, Miss Tycal mainly specialises in creating an ambience which brings stories to life and using drama as a vehicle to self expression and growth in confidence, (although she does still find time to time travel between portals when the need arises. Oh, and, in her spare time, she writes!)  

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