Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of rum, Let’s have lots of pirate fun!

The request: to become a pirate for the day.

Delivered: in abundance by the Magical Emporium!


To grant this wish, I sent my trusted first mate, Cutlass Catherine. Shortly after the guests arrived at the dock, the ship set sail and the would-be pirates were thrown into piratical training. Cutlass Catherine worked them hard – climbing the rigging, scrubbing the decks and practising that all important salute to the captain. However, no-one was anticipating the mysterious message in a bottle which suddenly appeared in the water below. Captain Flappy-pants was in trouble and needed help – what should they do? Well abandon training, of course, and rush to the rescue!

From using a map to locate ‘x marks the spot;’ commandeering a ship and working covertly to retrieve stolen treasure (from under the nose of a sleeping dragon no less!), the trainee pirates went above and beyond the expectations of the usual pirate training programme. Their unfailing enthusiasm was rewarded with a hearty feast and, of course, the prestigious Mark of the Compass – a sure sign of a dedicated sea farer!

If your little landlubber has a thirst for adventure and seafaring ways, please contact us for availability.


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