Zac’s Party: a knightly quest for the most daring…

In the Banqueting Hall of the castle, his lordship and his guests gathered to discuss their tricky situation: Sir Stropalot (the tantrumming one) had stolen King Ethelrod’s precious dragon eggs and, once they hatched, intended to conquer the realm by becoming their master. There was only one choice for those present: embark on a brave quest to save the day…

With fearless determination, the knights climbed mountains, crossed rivers, solved riddles and worked as a team to find Sir Stropalot’s weak point and defeat his army.

Eggs saved: Mission complete. Naturally, an al fresco banquet seemed the only apt way to celebrate! (Followed by a smidgeon of courtly dancing!)


For a similar party aimed at knights of all ages and genders, please contact us for availability.


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