Mischief Managed!

Wands: check. Spell books: check. Broomsticks: check. All set for Hogwarts then…


The scene was set for a school day like no other. As a huge Harry Potter fan, Stan had asked to celebrate his birthday by experiencing a range of magical lessons – and magical lessons he got! From Transfiguration and Potions through to Charms and Quidditch, Miss Tycal led him and his fellow pupils through a day in the life at Hogwarts.

After house sorting and wand collection, it was time for the first lesson: Transfiguration. Pupils worked creatively to change their object’s shape and appearance. Next up was Potions. Here, the witches and wizards gathered around the cauldron, intent on concocting their magical brew… wondering about the effects it would have. A fizz and a gushing explosion and the distraction potion was deemed a success…Yes! Now onto Quidditch (of the muggle variety) which saw houses competing to score as many goals as possible, whilst seekers sought out hidden golden snitches. With a top score of 80, Ravenclaw were declared the winners. Now it was definitely time for a Feast!

Seeing wands swishing and flicking whilst students practised the levitation charm was truly amazing. I don’t think even Hermione Granger mastered charms as quickly as this!  Our final session saw students putting their developing Defence Against the Dark Arts skills to use, saving Aragog the spider from the after effects of dark trickery. Mission accomplished: Aragog saved!

Mischief managed: what a great set of witches and wizards!


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