Escapee on the Run!

With an historic, medieval backdrop, the setting for this Harry Potter party could not have been more perfect. From the minute the guests arrived at the hall, they were thrown into life at Wizarding School – only this time, there was an escapee prisoner to look out for!

After dealing with Harry’s (not so delightful!) Aunt Marge, pupils experienced a particularly eventful train journey to Hogwarts, where they then learned the art of divination, navigated secret passageways and honed their Defence against the Dark Arts’ skills. A quick trip to Honeyduke’s at the end and everyone left happy!


And the party-goers’ verdicts…

Awesome! (Milo, 6) Amazing! (Joe, 8) Extra awesome – Miss Tycal puts SO much effort into parties! (Ida, 7) A million zillion bags of fun! (Oscar, 7)

Thanks, guys!


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