Desert Island Discovery


(Key Stage 1)

It’s a hard life at sea, especially when you’ve run out of gold and your pirate crew have left you all alone… Captain Kate needs a new crew and NOW! Could you help her out? There’s the vegetables to chop, the decks to scrub and the seas to navigate because an historical treasure map has been found…


In this one hour workshop, children use role play and discussion to engage their imaginations and describe the glittering array of treasure where X marks the spot.

Foci: Solve problems and make well informed suggestions

       Use effective language to describe


By the end of the activity, children will have discussed and generated ideas to describe the treasure, which they can take back to use in the classroom.


For classes of up to 30, supervised by two members of staff.

1 x 1 hour workshop, £120

2 x 1 hour workshops, £200