Jadis: Cruel Dictator or Maligned Leader?


Towering, cold and proud, we all recognise the much feared Ice Queen of Narnia, who notoriously bribed Edmund with magical morsels of Turkish Delight. And we all know what fate befell her. Yet, imagine a different ending to the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe – one in which Jadis was brought to trial…

In this often highly contentious workshop, Narnians consider and discuss key events and behaviours seen in the book/film and use these as evidence to formulate and justify an opinion to reach a verdict.

Children need to have read the book, seen the film or have a good understanding of prior events.

For classes of up to 30, supervised by two members of staff.

Full day: 2 x 2 hour workshops for two classes £230

Half day: 1 x 2 hour workshop for one class £130

Dependent on distance, a travel expense may be incurred.