Knightly Quest


The realm is in danger: a precious object has been stolen. Can her Ladyship gather her dream team together to undertake this important quest and restore peace to the kingdom?

This workshop, aimed at key stage 1 and reception, sees children engage their imaginations to enter a world where anything is possible. Dressed up in role, they work together to make plans, describe their surroundings and resolve the problem.

Great for: Describing setting, understanding sequence, exploring possibilities, team work.

To inspire: narrative retelling and continuation, instructions, perspective.


Wow! So inspiring. Great follow on from our castle visit – just what we needed.’ (Year 1 teacher, Malton)

Amazing! We loved it. (TA, Year 1)


For classes of up to 30, supervised by two members of staff.

1 x 1 hour workshop, £120

2 x 1 hour workshops, £200