Maze of the Minotaur

Beneath King Minos’ residence, deep in the darkened passageways below Crete Palace, lies the lair of the Labyrinth. There, within its bowels, the Minotaur lurks, watching and waiting. It hears. It sees. It takes. And no one escapes.

Accompany Theseus on his mission to face and defeat the beast and hear his tale afterwards.

‘I so enjoyed that – all of it!’ ‘Being Theseus was my favourite part and imagining how he’d have felt.’ ‘It was amazing – I’m going to write the rest of the diary now.’ (pupils, Malton Primary)

In this workshop, inspired by a classic Greek myth, children consider the threat posed by the Minotaur and speculate as to the best course of action before entering the Labyrinth itself. A short, shared write of a diary entry follows at the end.

Great for: description of both setting and character, viewpoint and exploration of feelings. 

Inspires: role play, viewpoint, diary writing and description.


For Key Stage 2 classes of up to 30, supervised by two members of staff.

1 x 1 1/2 hour workshop, £130

2 x 1 1/2 hour workshops, £220