Muggle Teachers…


Do your pupils know their quaffles from your bludgers? Are they skilled in the ancient art of Potion making? Can they list the distinguishing features of a Hungarian Horntail?


If you think they’ve got what it takes to become at one with the Wizarding Community, get their wands ready for Mischief Managed, our unique session of magical Harry Potter fun.


A fantastic time at Mischief Managed. All the professors were fun and engaging, and the lessons were very informative. A true Hogwarts experience. We will be back!’ (Serena, York)


Our previous Harry Potter inspired events have proved so popular that we have responded to requests to add them to our existing primary school workshops. Mischief Managed provides a taste of Hogwarts! 


‘An amazing night at Mischief Managed. Truly magical! Mine were completely enthralled with the event and the gorgeous setting. Thank you so much.’ (Sue, York)


Based around our sold out Mischief Managed events, this workshop sees your apprentices participate in a range of Hogwartian lessons that most Muggles only ever dream about!


Choose three activities out of:

Care of Magical Creatures (practical problem solving and magical pet care)

Charms (wand practice and charm creation)

Divination (Tasseomancy and oral story telling)

Potions (making and sampling)


Great for: inspiring ideas, problem solving and experiencing, launching/ending your Harry Potter unit.


For classes of up to 30 (year 2 – year 6), supervised by two members of staff.

1 x 1 1/2 hour workshop for one class = £140

2 x 1 1/2 hour workshops for two classes = £250