Since 1999, Miss Tycal has worked with a wide range of fantastical beings. Her diverse CV reflects this. Although highly confidential (providing you can keep a secret), she is willing to share her expertise with you (shh, now)…

The power of story: using carefully arranged words to entertain, enlighten, discover, inform, provoke reactions, stimulate curiosity and unlock imagination. From journeying through little known, perilous lands, concocting sleeping potions to baffle woodland visitors, embarking on golden ring destroying quests, to revealing the secret design features behind magical swords, Miss Tycal’s got it all covered.

Designed to intrigue and capture participants’ interests, her school workshops use story and drama to explore and develop understanding of character, setting, plot and theme. These, in turn, inspire ideas for writing.


Workshops in Fantasmagorical Wordery


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Key Stage 2

Potionology in the Wizarding World

Mischief Managed

Wonka-rous Inventions

The Object in the Box

Jadis: Cruel Dictator or Maligned Leader?

Hobbit’s Dilemma

Middle Earth Characterisation


A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Stone Age Discovery

The Maze of the Minotaur


Key Stage 1

Knightly Quest

Desert Island Discovery

Mischief Managed