Fancy a brew? In a cauldron, that is! Renowned as a master potioneer,  Professor Drake’s skills in concocting magical mixtures are second to none. Normally, he holds this information secret; however, in a rare act of generosity (we have our suspicions…), he has passed on some of his expertise to his colleague, Professor Tycal, who will now share (some of!) that knowledge with you.

Described as both ‘a subtle science and an exact art’ (J.K. Rowling, 1997), do you possess what it takes to master potion-making?  Could you use your potioneering and problem solving skills to solve our character’s dilemma? 


‘We loved it – every minute! I especially enjoyed working as a team to solve the problem and then concocting a potion for Galbert.’ (Daniel, 9) 


In this one and a half hour workshop, apprentices use their problem solving skills and potion know-how to find ways to help our magical character deal with a tricky situation. Working in small teams, they discuss and explore options available before concocting their potion – the ingredients of which they are then encouraged to justify.


Brilliant! Fantastic! The children were so engaged and went on to produce adverts in class afterwards to promote their potions, which they were desperate to show Miss Tycal.’ (Year 5 teacher)


Great for: team work, problem solving, reasoning and justification, instructions

Follow up activity suggestion: Persuade members of the Wizarding Community to buy what you bottle.


For classes of up to 30 (year 3-year 6), supervised by two members of staff.

1 x 1 1/2 hour workshop for one class = £140

2 x 1 1/2 hour workshops for two classes = £250

Dependent on distance, a travel expense may be incurred.