The Object in the Box 


(Key Stage 2)

A mysterious object lies hidden in a padlocked box. Sought after by unknown faces, it must be protected at all costs. So, what is its story and why is it significant?


Could you be the one who unlocks its secrets? Join Miss Tycal in this engaging, time portal adventure to explore and create the object’s story.


In this two hour workshop, participants engage in discussion and drama to solve the mystery of the object in the box.

Foci: Infer using images and verbal scene setting

       Generate and use language to describe a setting


By the end of the activity, children will have generated ideas to take back to the classroom and both plan and produce an imaginative written description of a scene. To gain the most from the session, it is preferred that children are not given any details about the time portal content outlined above.


For classes of up to 30, supervised by two members of staff.

1 x 2 hour workshop, £200